Who will teach you?

Coordination Staff

Frank Stüber

Coordinator of Master

Josep Bonet

Director of School

Allan Mackie

Vice-Director of School

Master Courses and Teaching Staff

Modul I: Product and Process Engineering (45 ECTS)

Fundamentals (24 ECTS)

Advanced Transport Phenomena (6 ECTS)

Jordi Grifoll

Joan Herrero

Advanced Thermodynamics and Molecular Simulation (6 ECTS)

Allan Mackie

Advanced Separation Processes (6 ECTS)

Ricard García

Laureano Jiménez

Advanced Reactor Engineering (6 ECTS)

Daniel Montané

Sustainable Product and Process Design (12 ECTS)

Product and Process Design I and II (9 ECTS)

Laureano Jiménez

Advanced Control (3 ECTS)

Jaume Giralt

Material and Products (9 ECTS)

Polymers (3 ECTS)

Marta Giamberini

Antonio Manrique

Materials and Nanostructures (3 ECTS)

Alex Fragoso

Biomaterials (3 ECTS)

Lluis Masip

Modul II: Management and Production (15 ECTS)

Direction and Management of Companies (4.5 ECTS)

Cesar Abraldes

Auditory and Industrial Certification (4.5 ECTS)

Joan Ramón Alabart

Industrial Leadership (4.5 ECTS)

Joan Ramón Alabart

Hans-Jörg Witt

Management of Change (3 ECTS)

Joan Ramón Alabart

Modul III: Industrial Internship and Master Project (30 ECTS)

Industrial Internship (15 ECTS)

Final Master Project (15 ECTS)

Frank Stüber (Coordinator)