We are focused on your professional future

The Master of Chemical Engineering is designed to teach practical engineering. The kind of engineering taught here makes the companies take part day by day in the student's development from the very moment she/he is at the lecture rooms. That is why, the ETSEQ teaches engineering of today, allowing all its students to easily adapt what they learn in the lecture halls to the needs of the companies once they arrive there.

The Pack: External Internship + master thesis

ETSEQ has a strategic situation close to the most important chemical industry point of the south of Europe. It lets us to take advantage of it and collaborate with most of leader chemical companies to offer you a pack of master thesis + external internship where you will be working on an industrial project in a company during 6 months.

English is our teaching language

The whole master is given in English. It is an essential point in our decision to focus on teaching professionals of the chemical industry. Nowadays most chemical companies are multinational, where people from all around the world share knowledge and ideas, so people who do not have a high technical English level have less chances to join the most important companies.

Ascademic calendar September-June
Credits 90 ECTS (30 Internship + master thesis)
Teaching type Face-to-face
Teaching language 100% English
Master type Official
Schedule Mon-Fri; 15-19h
Master tuition Aprox. 4000€ (90 ECTS + taxes)

What will you learn?

You will learn from an innovative perspective. The master perfectly combines theoretical aspects and practical applications of chemical process and product design.

You will acquire a wide range of advanced knowledge in:

  • Fundamentals and current research in relevant areas related to the design and control of Chemical Processes and Products as well as Sustainable Production.
  • Simulatadors (Hysys, Aspen, Comsol, Monte Carlo) and computational methods that can be used to analyse the design of chemical processes and products.

In addition to technical contents, this master also nurtures personal and social skills. The master emphasizes on the development of initiative, innovation and versatility.

Students will acquire leadership and teamwork skills through practical experience.

After finalizing the Master's program, you will be able to:

  • Contribute to the development of knowledge in design chemical processes and products, applying your acquired skills in the professional world.
  • Act as an expert in relevant areas of chemical sector.
  • Apply computer-based tools, and other scientific methods to simulate and assess problems related to chemical engineering and sustainable production.

Double master degree

Master of Chemical Engineering + Master in Technology and Engineering Management.

This double degree allows the student the possibility of completing in 2 years an integral training in Master of Chemical Engineering (MEQ) + Master in Technology and Engineering Management (MTEM) perfect for engineers who are more interested in management.

Master accredited by EUR-ACE

Master thesis: Full time project carried out in the industry

The double degree is a combination of:

Master in Technology and Engineering Management (MTEM): 60ECTS / 2.800€

Master of Chemical Engineering (MEQ): 90ECTS / 3.705€

Double master degree

Master in Chemical Engineering + Master in Industrial Engineering.

A shared programme between ETSEQ and ETSE have been designed to obtain the double master degree: Master in chemical engineering (MEQ) + Master in Industrial Engineering (MEI). It is divided in 5 semesters and 163,5 ECTS credits.

During the 1st and 2nd semesters the students will follow the MEQ programme (60 ECTS).

The 3rt and 4th semesters are focus on Industrial engineering curses (61,5 ECTS)

Finally the last semester will be dedicated to realize the MEI master thesis (12 ECTS) and the MEQ master thesis + external internship (30 ECTS).

1st semester
Advanced transport phenomena 6
Advanced thermodynamics and molecular Simulation 6
Product and Process Design I 4.5
Management and administration of Companies 4.5
Industrial leadership 3
Materials and nanostructures 3
Polymers 3
2nd semester
Advanced separation processes 6
Reactor engineering 6
Product and Processes Design II 4.5
Advanced control of processes 3
Auditing and Industrial Certification 4.5
Managing Change 3
Biomaterials 3
3rt semester
Electrical Circuits 3
Fundamentals of Automatisms 3
Electrical Installations in Buildings 3
Electrotechnics Laboratory 3
Machine Mechanics 3
Structural Mechanics 3
Modelling Solids and Standardization 6
Electronic Systems and Industrial Instrumentation 4.5
Industrial Plants and Infrastructures 3
4th semester
Electrical Energy Systems 4.5
Designing and Testing Machines 4.5
Thermal and Hydraulic Installations 4.5
Management and Exploitation of Energy Sources 4.5
Structures 3
Electrical and Communications Installations 3
Industrials Installations 3
Transport and Industrial Maintenance 3
5th semester
MEI Master thesis 12
MEQ Master thesis + External internship 30