Master programme

  • Business indicators and Accounting (30h)
  • Macroeconomic Analysis (30h)
  • Introduction to management (45h)
  • Environmental and Energy Economics (30h)
  • Empirical Methods in Management (30h)
  • Business Taxation (30h)
  • Industrial Leadership (30h)
  • Communication and Negotiation (30h)
  • Decision Theory (30h)
  • Competition Law (30h)
  • Marketing Strategies (30h)
  • Human Resource Management (30h)
  • Change management and organizational design (30h)
  • Corporate Finance (30h)
  • Process and Innovation Management (30h)
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (30h)
  • Final Master's Project (105h)


Exams MTEM 1Q 2a 2017-18.pdf

Exams MTEM 2Q 2a 2017-18.pdf