The Master provides each academic year a series of scholarships to pre-enrolled candidates. You can find all the information here and we provide different types of scholarships:

- Master URV grants. They cover the registration fee for the first academic year (around 3000 €) and, additionally, provide a travel bursary for international students of 1000 € (the travel bursary is not included for national students). The grants do not include Academic Fees (transcript management, learning support and mandatory insurance). These Academic Fees are 145.92 €, which have to be paid by the student.

- Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera. Only for national students, this fellowship offers 5000 € to the student with the best CV.

- URV Master's AUIP Grants. Grants awarded to the best undergraduate students from universities belonging to the AUIP, Ibero-American University Association for Postgraduate Studies. Funding and characteristics for these grants are the same as the URV Master's Grants.

- URV Assistant Teaching Grants. Teaching assistant grants, to train students and introduce them to university teaching and/or research activities by involving them in tasks to support the master's degree teaching staff. The amount of the grant is around 370€/month during 9 months