Nanoscience is the study, manipulation and engineering of matter, particles and structures with at least one dimension on the length-scale of 100 nanometers or smaller. Nanoscience gives us the ability to use new custom-made materials and nanosize components for a plethora of new innovative products, processes and applications. There are nowadays no doubts about the potential of nanoscience and nanotechnology and related fields to change our lives.

The aim of this programme is to train new professionals specialized in the field of Nanoscience and Nanothecnology, Materials, and Chemical Engineering (coming from undergraduate degrees in any of the branches of experimental sciences and technologies: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Physics, Quantum Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Microbiology,...) with a clear orientation towards research. The skills acquired qualify the students to join universities, research institutes, industry and services that have a strong sense of innovation and development, as well as with an entrepreneurial vision.

As well as knowledge and skills, the master's programme is a springboard for students who want to work in research, development and innovation at universities, research institutes and industries that require new scientific and technical knowledge.

  • Research at universities and research institutes. The master's degree is a requirement for being admitted to a PhD programme and the key to a future career as a researcher.
  • Research, development and innovation in industries based on new scientific and technical knowledge (biotechnology, microelectronics, telecommunications, energy storage, new materials, etc.) and traditional industries (chemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical, ceramics, textiles, etc.) interested in innovation.
  • Management, control and strategic planning of nanotechnological techniques, products and processes in the electronics industry, telecommunications, biomedicine, biotechnology, pharmacology, etc.

The duration is 60 ECTS, a year from October to September next year.

The whole master is given in English


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